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Alcohol Breath Tester | One Step Breathalyzer | 2 Tests

A One Step test and drive breathalyser.

One Step® is a disposable breathalyser used to measure blood alcohol content from a breath sample. The lowest blood alcohol content detected by One Step® is 0.2 g/L (grammes per litre).

2 Test Pack

Other pack size of these tests are available, click here for a full list of available products.

30mL Urine Sample Collection Pot | With Patient Label

Sterilin 30mL Urine Collection Pot

30mL Sterilin sterile urine sample Cup with a screw on lid for easy sample transportation for the testing of urine samples for drug, pregnancy, ovulation, infection tests.

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Strep B

What is Strep B? Group B streptococcus (GBS) or strep B for short is a common type of the streptococcus bacterium which lives in the body without the carrier knowing. Approximately a third of men and women carry GBS in their intestines and a quarter of women carry it in their vagina. GBS is the […]

Urine Sample Collection Pot 120ml 5 Pots

120mL Collection Pots

120mL Sample Cups with graduations and a screw on lid for easy transportation of urine samples.

This sample pot is a wide based pot allowing for the use of many drugs of abuse test panels as you will be able to dip the test panel to very bottom of the pot allowing you to test with the minimum amount of urine.

Browse our range of urine sample pots, or alternatively, take a look at our full range of medical accessories.

Breathalyser Mouthpieces | AL6000 & AL7000 Alcohol Breathalyzer | 10 Pack

10 x Mouthpieces used by the AL6000 Breathalyser.

Other pack size of these tests are available, click here for a full list of available products.

These mouthpieces are also compatible with the following Alcoscan machines:

  • AL5500
  • AL6000Lite
  • AL6000P
  • AL7000
  • AL9000
  • AL9000Lite
  • AL9010
  • ALX1000

Alcohol Breathalyser AL6000 | Digital Breath Tester

AL6000 Alcohol Breathalyser

The AL6000 analyzes a breath sample to detect alcohol in the lungs.  This reading is then converted to blood alcohol concentration (BRAC – mg/L).  The AL6000 uses an advanced oxide semiconductor sensor to detect alcohol.  The AL6000 is the first and only breathalyzer that features Pre-Calibrated Alcohol Sensor Modules to eliminate the need for recalibration.  Just snap out, snap in and you’re ready to go!

  • 1 x Custom carry pouch
  • 2 x Free batteries
  • 5 x Plastic mouthpieces

The UK Drink Drive Reading is 0.35mg/l on the AL6000 Unit we supply.

For more information on the effects of alcohol click here.


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HIV and AIDS Virus

HIV and AIDS HIV stands for Human Immunodeficiency Virus it is a virus that attacks the cells in your immune system. As the immune system weakens your body loses its ability to fight infection. At the end of 2015 there was around 101,200 people in the UK living with HIV. Once a person becomes infected […]

Food allergies

What is a food allergy? Food allergies are fortunately quite rare. They usually affect young children and people who suffer other allergies. Children occasionally become sensitive to foods, such as cow’s milk and eggs during their first year of life. Luckily, most children will grow out of these sensitivities in a couple of years. However, […]


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What are tranquillisers? Tranquillisers also known as sedatives are man-made drugs, they are usually prescribed by doctors as short-term treatments for depression, anxiety, stress and insomnia (difficulty in sleeping). In the UK tranquillisers are prescribed to twice as many women as men. The most commonly prescribed tranquillisers are from the class of drugs called benzodiazepines […]


Cannabis Health Information Welcome to our cannabis (weed) health information page, here you’ll find information about cannabis and some links to other information pages. After talking about the drug, also called marijuana there is information about cannabis health risks and cannabis and mental health. What is cannabis? Marijuana is a natural substance from the marijuana […]