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Cannabis Health Information

A cannabis / marijuana plant

Welcome to our cannabis (weed) health information page, here you’ll find information about cannabis and some links to other information pages. After talking about the drug, also called marijuana there is information about cannabis health risks and cannabis and mental health.

What is cannabis?

Marijuana is a natural substance from the marijuana plant. Cannabis is also known as: marijuana, draw, dope, puff, hash, pot, spliff, wacky backy or weed, it is the most commonly used drug among 11-25 year olds. Therefore, this information is relevant to parents.

What does it look like?

The drug comes in either; small, solid, brown lumps (which look a bit like liquorice) known as resin or as leaves, stalks and seeds (from the marijuana plant) known as grass. Grass looks like green/brown tobacco. It may also come as sticky dark oil.

How is it taken?

It is usually rolled with tobacco and smoked in a hand-rolled cigarette called a spliff, reefer or joint. Cannabis can also be smoked on it’s own in a special pipe, brewed into a drink or cooked and eaten in food. Cooking and eating cannabis makes the effects more intense and harder to control.

Immediate effects

Taking the drug makes most users feel more sociable, relaxed, talkative and giggly. It heightens the users’ senses, especially when it comes to colours, taste and music and can also bring on food cravings (often referred to as the munchies).

It can affect the users short-term memory and ability to concentrate and can also leave the user feeling paranoid, tired and lacking energy.It also impairs driving skills therefore increasing the risk of accidents, so never get into a car with someone who has just taken cannabis.

Researchers in the US have recently found that people who use cannabis, could reduce their chances of having children. An element of marijuana could overload signals in the brain that are involved with fertility. As a result sperm can become sluggish and less likely to break through the surface of the woman’s egg.

marijuana Health Risks and Long-term effects.

Smoking cannabis over a long period of time can lead to health problems such as lung cancer, heart disease and bronchitis. Like cigarette smokers, many users find it hard to quit, especially if they mix it with tobacco.

A new report warns that it is becoming more powerful and can lead to long term health problems. Scientists believe that it can have a serious effect of on mental health. They say cannabis can provoke negative mood changes and weaken the immune system. Scientists also say that it is 5 times more damaging to the lungs than cigarettes. However, the long term health risks may not be fully understood for 10-20 years.

cannabis and Mental Health

For more information about cannabis and mental health click below for information from the NHS.
Daily Use of high-strength cannabis increases the risk of psychosis.
Teenage cannabis use linked to depression in later life.

UK Classification.

The Government reclassified it as a Class B drug on 26th January 2009 across the United Kingdom. It is still illegal to have, grow, give away or deal in Class B drugs. The maximum penalty for possession is up to 5 years in jail plus an unlimited fine. The maximum penalty for supplying or intent to supply is 14 years in jail plus an unlimited fine.

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