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What are methamphetamines?

Methamphetamines are stimulant type drugs, which are commonly known as meth, glass or ice. Athletes and students tend to use methamphetamines because of the initial heightened physical and mental performance.

Methamphetamine was developed from its parent drug amphetamine and its chemical structure is similar. The major difference between methamphetamines and amphetamines is the manufacture and strength. Methamphetamines are more potent than amphetamines.

What do methamphetamines look like?

Methamphetamine is a crystal like powdered substance commonly referred to as crystal meth. It sometimes comes in large rock like chunks, when the powder flakes off the rock, it looks similar to shaved glass, which is where the nickname glass comes from. Methamphetamines are usually white or slightly yellow depending on the purity.

How are methamphetamines taken?

Methamphetamines in powder form are usually swallowed or snorted, which can cause damage to your nose. The form of methamphetamine which looks like shaved glass is typically smoked and is thought to be even more addictive. The powder can also be converted to a liquid type and injected. Injecting drugs is extremely dangerous. Many serious diseases such as H.I.V. are spread by people sharing needles. Remember, if you must inject, always use a clean needle and never share.

What are the immediate effects of taking methamphetamines?

Methamphetamines are powerful drugs, they make the user feel energetic with increased pleasure, confidence and alertness.. Some people use methamphetamines to suppress their appetite, so they can go for a long time without eating.

Depending on the method of ingestion, the effects can be felt immediately or up to 30 minutes later. The effects can last for 6-8 hours. After taking methamphetamines many users experience depression that can last as long as 3 days. Methamphetamines may also cause headaches, hot flushes, blurred vision and dizziness.

What are the long-term effects of taking methamphetamines?

Methamphetamines are addictive and users can develop a tolerance quickly, so will need more and more to get the same effect. There are many health risks from taking this type of drug. While on the drug the user may become tense and anxious and it can leave them feeling depressed, paranoid and tired for days after. Methamphetamines can also cause violent mood swings and users can become very aggressive. Long-term use can cause paranoia, hallucinations, mental illness, respiratory problems and will put a strain on the heart, due to increased blood pressure.

If you have been taking methamphetamines for some time and then you stop, you’ll go through a withdrawal period. This means you will suffer from symptoms such as; cramps, fever, sweating, feelings of extreme fatigue, hunger, weight gain and depression.

What class drug are methamphetamines?

By law, methamphetamines are a class A drug. If found in possession (being caught with an illegal drug for your own use) of a class A drug there is a maximum penalty of 7 years in prison and/or a fine. However, possession with intent to supply has a maximum penalty of life imprisonment and/or a fine.