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What are poppers?

Poppers is the term used for the group of chemicals known as alkyl nitrites, which include amyl nitrite, butyl nitrite and isobutyl nitrite. Trade names of poppers include; Ram, Thrust, Rock Hard, TNT and Liquid Gold.

Poppers are also known as ‘rush’ and can be brought legally.

What do poppers look like?

Poppers come as a clear or straw-coloured liquid in a small bottle or tube.

How are poppers taken?

Poppers are volatile liquids, which are taken by breathing in the powerful vapours through the mouth or nose from an opened bottle.

What are the immediate effects of poppers?

The vapours from poppers increase the heart rate and open up all the blood vessels, including those around the heart, while lowering blood pressure.

Sniffing poppers gives an immediate rush of blood to the brain, which feels like you are going over the top of a roller coaster. The intense feeling wears off very quickly, within 2-5 minutes but the sudden drop in blood pressure can make you feel very dizzy and lose your balance (fall over).

Poppers can leave you with bad headaches and if spilled can burn the skin. Regular use can cause skin problems around the mouth and nose.

What are the long-term effects of poppers?

There is no evidence that poppers cause any long-term damage, but drinking them could kill. If you have anaemia, glaucoma or heart problems using poppers could have fatal consequences.

What class drug are poppers?

Amyl nitrites (poppers) are a prescription only medicine and though possession is not illegal, supplying can be an offence.