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Men’s Health Week: Put Your Health First

Published on 18th June 2024

Men’s Health Week focuses on providing useful health information to boys and men to raise awareness for both physical and mental health. From encouraging early detection and treatment of diseases common among men (e.g. Prostate Cancer) to emphasising the importance of having a healthy lifestyle and wellbeing, this week provides a catalyst for men to […]

Cervical Screening Awareness Week

Published on 18th June 2024

1 in 4 people don’t attend their cervical screening tests in the UK. With Cervical Screening Awareness Week, we want to help change this. By raising awareness about cervical screening and cervical cancer, let’s make the cervical screening process a little less scary!    In this guide, find out everything you need to know about […]

Tips for Relieving Sore Hay Fever Eyes

Published on 18th June 2024

One of the worst symptoms of hay fever is itchy and sore eyes. Not only is this feeling irritating and uncomfortable, but with the sun shining, many people want to go out and enjoy summer instead of hiding away from the pollen that causes these itchy eyes.    In this guide, we explain what causes […]

Midge Bites: Allergies, Treatments and Prevention

Published on 18th June 2024

Did you know that midge bites cause allergic reactions? The redness and itchy feeling you get after a midge bite are actually an allergic reaction caused by the chemicals midges release when they bite you! If you suffer from constant midge bites and want to know how to prevent and repel midges, you’ve come to […]

The Complete Guide to Ovulation Testing

Published on 18th June 2024

Understanding when you ovulate can be a crucial element in getting pregnant. Especially if you are actively trying to conceive, knowing when you are at your most fertile will help you identify the time period you are most likely to conceive.    Using an ovulation test, you can pinpoint your most fertile days. In this […]

World Hand Hygiene Day

Published on 23rd May 2024

We all learn from a young age that washing your hands is important. From stopping the spread of germs to general hygiene practices, maintaining hand hygiene protects yourself and others from catching infectious diseases.  This is why the World Health Organisation (WHO) formed World Hand Hygiene Day – to educate people worldwide about the importance […]

Non-Drowsy Antihistamines: Can Hay Fever Tablets Make You Tired?

Published on 23rd May 2024

Antihistamines are one of the best ways of managing hay fever symptoms. Yet they can also cause side effects, such as drowsiness, which means you shouldn’t drive or may become quite sleepy. As a result, non-drowsy antihistamines were created to help combat drowsiness and effectively tackle hay fever symptoms.  So, how do non-drowsy hay fever […]

22 Things to Help with Hay Fever: Natural Hay Fever Relief

Published on 23rd May 2024

If hay fever has got you down but you don’t want to or haven’t got any hay fever medicine with you, home remedies for hay fever might be the answer for you. There are many different ways to find natural hay fever relief in your everyday life.  This guide covers all the hay fever natural […]

Hay Fever Relief In Pregnancy: Can I Take Hay Fever Tablets When Pregnant?

Published on 23rd May 2024

Hay fever can be irritating at the best of times. Navigating what you can and can’t take when you have hay fever while pregnant can be even more difficult.  Whether you have a history of hay fever or only recently developed hay fever while pregnant, we’ve got you covered! From the best hay fever remedies […]

National Walking Month: The Benefits of Walking

Published on 23rd May 2024

We all know we should be more active, but we always have an excuse! That’s why National Walking Month was created: to get people into the habit of walking. Whether you go for a short 20-minute walk or a long-distance hike, walking in any capacity can still bring about several health benefits.  Find out how […]

Chlamydia In Mouth: Transmission, Symptoms and Treatment

Published on 5th April 2024

Chlamydia is one of the most common sexually transmitted infections in the UK, but you may not have heard of oral chlamydia. This specific form of chlamydia is lesser known as it is rare in comparison to chlamydia and is often misdiagnosed. From transmission to treatment, let’s take a look at everything you need to […]

Best Painkillers for Period Pain

Published on 5th April 2024

Period pain is very common in people who have periods, but it can affect everyone differently. Whether you experience mild symptoms or your period pains are severe, painkillers may be the best option for you. But with the vast range of painkillers available, which ones are actually effective in relieving period pain? In this guide, […]