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6 Ways to Look After Your Health During Lockdown

Published on 7th April 2020

Whilst staying at home is one of the greatest ways you can protect your health and the lives of others during the Covid-19 pandemic, there are a few more ways to keep you and your family feeling well during lockdown: Eat healthily It may not be as convenient as normal to buy the food you […]

Planning a Pregnancy

Published on 4th February 2020

Planning a Pregnancy? These Home Pregnancy Test Kits Can Help… The Internet is full of great advice on how to improve your chances of getting pregnant, and how to maintain good health during pregnancy. But, it’s also important to know what’s going on inside your body when planning a pregnancy, and that insight can only […]

How Do You Know if Your Body is Low in Iron

Published on 4th February 2020

Iron Deficiency Anemia and Home Iron Test This article will look at iron deficiency anemia and how to test for it using at home iron tests. How Do You Know if Your Body is Low in Iron? Inadequate levels of iron is a global health problem with an estimated 2 billion people worldwide being affected […]

Are You a Chocoholic And Does it Matter if You Are

Published on 3rd February 2020

Are You a Chocoholic? You’re not alone if you love eating chocolate. Research has found that one in six Brits (about eight million people in the UK) consume chocolate every single day. We are a nation of confectionery lovers. But is this love of chocolate an addiction? And if it is, is it dangerous to […]

What Happens to Your Liver When You Stop Drinking

Published on 3rd February 2020

Liver Health and At Home Liver Tests   Whether you’ve just completed Dry January (well done!) or you’ve decided to cut down on alcohol this year to improve your health, you’ll be doing your liver and entire body a big favour. Read on for information about liver health and at home liver tests. What Happens […]

Smoking During Pregnancy In The UK – Statistics And How To Quit Smoking

Published on 15th January 2020

According to NHS Digital, 14.4% of adults in England are smokers. In areas like Kingston, Hull, and Lincoln, there are reports that 26% of adults are smoking in those regions. Most people know the dangerous effects of smoking and secondhand smoke has on a person with the most prominent consequences being lung and throat diseases […]

Worried about Sexual Diseases but too Embarrassed to go to the GP? These Home Health Tests Can Help…

Published on 14th January 2020

STD Home Tests Sexually transmitted diseases (STDs), also called sexually transmitted infections (STIs), are on the rise in the UK. The most common STDs are chlamydia, gonorrhoea, genital warts, genital herpes and syphilis. HIV numbers are small in the UK, but late diagnosis is still a concern. If left untreated, STDs can lead to more […]

What on Earth is Veganuary and What are the Benefits?

Published on 7th January 2020

So, you’ve just about accepted giving up alcohol for Dry January and now there’s Veganuary, which is the month of giving up all animal-derived foods and consuming only plant-based foods in a vegan diet.     Before you roll your eyes, there’s a lot going for Veganuary. It is now practiced by thousands in over […]

How Giving up Alcohol for Dry January Improves Your Life in More Ways Than You Think

Published on 7th January 2020

There’s no denying that the prospect of giving up alcohol when you’re nursing a festive hangover sounds appealing. But, inevitably, that hangover passes. What happens when normality returns and the temptation of a glass of wine with dinner or a night down the pub with friends creeps in again?   How to make it through […]

Here’s how owning a dog can help you to live a longer, happier and healthier life

Published on 7th January 2020

We are a nation of animal lovers. In fact, an incredible 44% of households in the UK have a pet, which is around 12 million homes! Of those 51 million pets owned, the dog tops the list as Britain’s most popular pet and it’s easy to see why.   The human-canine bond is strong. Dogs […]

Death from Heroin Detox

Published on 11th November 2019

It is real and it happens. Although the most recent cases of death from heroin detox happened in prisons, death from wrongly prescribed medications while undergoing heroin detox treatments has been reported. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has recently received reports of several cases of death from heroin detox in the community. Where […]

Blue-green algae poses danger to pets

Published on 5th September 2019

Owners urged to take care near waterways as climate crisis leads to more toxic blooms as blue-green algae poses danger to pets, check out this article from The Guardian, by clicking here. It gives details about how to protect your pet from blue-green algae poses danger to pets. Pet Health Information The internet can be […]