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General Health


general healthIt’s never too late to improve your general health. Different medical complaints and illnesses can occur at different stages in life, so it pays to educate yourself on general issues related to your age, lifestyle and gender.

To help, we’ve put together a list of common conditions, treatments and health tests to help you take control of your wellness. Just click a topic on the right-hand menu to learn more.

The majority of people in the UK are living longer, which is great news. We want it to stay that way. However, today’s pace of life leaves little time to take care of our health. It doesn’t need to be a full time job, though. Begin by paying attention to your diet and fitness on a regular basis and you will not only begin to feel better, you’ll look better too.


How to improve your general health

It’s not difficult to achieve a healthier lifestyle. With a few small changes, you can reduce your risk of illness. Try doing some or all of the following:

  • eat a healthy balanced diet
  • avoid smoking
  • cover up in the sun
  • drink alcohol in moderation
  • take regular exercise
  • be aware of your body
  • ensure you always attend appointments for the national screening programs

General Health Tests and Checks

We believe everyone should take an active role in leading a healthy lifestyle. That means educating yourself about your own health and that of those you care for.

It is not only the person who is suffering from illness that needs to know about the condition. Understanding an illness can help to ease the pressures of daily life for family, friends and carers too.

Take advantage of home health tests, too. There are a variety of testing kits that enable you to keep on top of your health and monitor changes so you can treat any issues early if needed. From cholesterol tests, liver tests and breast cancer tests to STD tests, thyroid tests and bowel tests – it’s never been easier to check your health.

Always speak to a GP first if you are concerned about your health or that of someone close to you. Never be afraid to visit your doctor.