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Self Isolation and Swab-Free Covid Testing at Home


self isolation covid test

Whether you’ve been notified by the NHS Track and Trace app, or you’ve found out that you’ve been in close contact with someone who has Covid-19, the current rules mean self isolation for 10 days. If you’re isolating (or know someone who is) and struggle with covid tests, this article reviews a new alternative.


Whilst you don’t have to take a PCR test whilst you’re isolating unless you show symptoms of Covid, many people choose to take lateral flow tests at home for peace of mind.


However, the lateral flow tests can be difficult to use for some people – especially children and the elderly.


Barriers to testing in self isolation


Many suffer from a sensitive gag reflex when inserting the lateral flow cotton-bud into their throat. Others simply can’t get on with the sensation of putting a swab up their nose.


Either way, when you want reassurance, the discomfort of the lateral flow test can be a barrier to regular testing.


97% accurate covid test


Fortunately, in the summer of 2021, a new swab-free saliva test was introduced. Not only is it easy to use for everyone (including children), it’s 97% accurate too.


It’s called the Antigen Rapid Test and is CE marked for home testing making it ideal for people in self-isolation. If you prefer to stay on the safe side when visiting vulnerable people, it also allows you to quickly check for the virus beforehand.


The antigen test is super simple to use and works by spitting into a tube. Nothing is inserted into the mouth, throat or nose. It’s contact-free.


The saliva is mixed with an active agent in the tube and then added onto the test cassette via a dropper. It’s that easy.


Covid test results in half the time – at home


In fact, the swab-free test is not only easier to use than the lateral flow test – it’s also quicker to get results. The Antigen test takes just 15 minutes, which is half the time of the 30-minute lateral flow test.


Whilst the antigen covid test isn’t free like the lateral flow, the benefits speak for themselves. It’s child-friendly, easy-to-use, more accurate, faster and gag-free. If you club together with friends or family to get a pack, it makes even more sense.


It starts at just £9 per test. Click on the product below to get your pack today from the award-winning Home Health UK.