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Welcome to Home Health UK’s Health Blog, where there is loads of information on  general health, the latest diagnostic test kits being released and fantastic guest posts being written by experts within the health industry.

All of the stories and information we bring to our blog we hope you will enjoy and it will be of interest to everyone.

Latest News!

alcohol awareness weekIt’s Alcohol Awareness Week running from 11-17 November so let’s get thinking about our drinking!
This week is all about Alcohol and me! – Alcohol Change UK

queens awardHome health UK is proudly celebrating being a winner of the Queen’s Awards for Enterprise, in the International Trade category, the UK’s highest accolade for business success.
Click here more to read more.

Fertility Catch Up!

Identifying your fertile days – the days possible to get pregnant during each menstrual cycle, enables you to know the best time to conceive. Click here more to read more. A couple holding hands.
An experiment has demonstrated just how tough it is for the average sperm to navigate the reproductive system and this may aid fertility research. Check out Dr Miriam Stoppard’s article here to read more.
women in sport
With tracking menstrual cycle adapting individual training loads and diets was able to help improve on field performance. Check out the article by clicking here.

Looking after our Pets!

Blue-green algae poses danger to pets
Owners urged to take care near waterways as climate crisis leads to more toxic blooms as blue-green algae poses danger to pets. Read more by clicking here.
insect based food better for pets than steak
According to the BBC news website, insect based food is better for your beloved pet and fresh steak. Click here to read more.
The Retirement Home for Elderly Pets
A change in Japanese law in 2013, which obliges owners to look after ageing pets, has helped boost demand for these “pet retirement” services. Click here to read more and watch the full video.

Addiction and Drug Misuse

Death from Heroin Detox stat
It is real and it happens. Although the most recent cases of death from heroin detox happened in prisons, death from wrongly prescribed medications while undergoing heroin detox treatments has been reported. Click here to ready more
the risks of taking drugs
Most parents do not understand why children might want to take drugs and question themselves. They usually believe that because their child is using drugs or tried drugs that they must be having problems at school or home. Click here to read more.
Have a look at this addiction news article published earlier this year in The Guardian by clicking here to read more.

General Health Stories

red wine could be good for your gut
Red wine could be good for the gut, increasing the number of different types of bacteria that live there. However, it must be in moderation.  It looks at why, in moderation red wine could be good for your gut. Click here to read more.
The internet can be a minefield of contradicting health information, check out this article from The Guardian Click here to read more.
An optimistic outlook means you live longerIn addition researchers said pessimists could benefit from doing things like imagining a future where everything turns out well. Click here to read more.