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Miscellaneous Substances


Other drugs


Amiltriptyline This is a tricyclic anti-depressant with sedative properties and is used for the treatment of depression with associated anxiety. It is prescribed both as a generic medicine and under the brand names Lentizol (Park Davies), Triptafen (Farley), Triptifen M (A and H) and Tryptizol (Morson). It is available in tablet and capsule form.
Chlormethiazole This is used mainly in the treatment of alcohol withdrawal syndrome but also for insomnia and status epilepticus. It is prescribed under the brand name Heminevrin (Astra), usually as a linctus. It is also available as a capsule and as an intravenous preparation.
Thioridazine This is an antipsychotic and belongs to the phenothiazines (group two). It has moderate sedative effects and is used in the treatment of schizophrenia and other psychosis. It is prescribed under the brand name Melleril (Sandoz) as a white tablet, syrup or suspension. In small doses, it is used for the treatment of restlessness and agitation in the elderly.