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Female Health Information


In this section of the site we have aimed to cover illnesses and problems we believe to be the most frequent in women.

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I am sure you will agree, for most women, being well informed of their health is essential. Your body is a miraculous piece of natural engineering. Every month the body goes through a complex cycle of changes designed to make it possible for you to have a baby.

On average, women are far better at visiting their doctors than men. In this day and age it is quite normal for a woman to be a mother, a wife, run the family home and also have a career. Due to all these responsibilities it is easy to forget about your health and general well being.

Being female means many things. You are different from a man in many respects, you have smaller bones and female hormones that can protect you from some diseases yet put you at risk from others. You are vulnerable to breast cancer, osteoporosis, diabetes and are at a greater risk of catching Sexually Transmitted Diseases (S.T.D.) than men.

The best way to enjoy a healthier life is to eat a healthy balanced diet, cut down on alcohol intake and quit smoking. You should also aim to do some form of regular exercise. Good health is not just about looking good it’s about feeling good and avoiding stress.

More and more women are recognizing the importance of an annual health check. There are special clinics that women can attend, which are usually held at your local health centre. They are known as well-woman clinics and they will usually carry out tests such as smear tests, breast screening (once over the age of 50) and they will keep a check on your blood pressure and weight.

All visits to a well-woman clinic are treated with strictest confidence.