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General Health


In this section of the site we have aimed to cover illnesses we believe to be the most frequent.

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The majority of people in Great Britain are living longer, which of course is great news. But as the well-known saying goes it is ‘quality not quantity’ that makes the difference.

I am sure we all agree, we don’t want to reach a good old age yet be unable to enjoy ourselves because of illness.

The pace of every day life hardly gives us time to take care of our health, as we are caught up with our day-to-day work. However, looking after yourself does not need to be a full time job. Begin paying attention to your diet and fitness on a regular basis and you will not only begin to feel better, but look better too.
No matter what age or sex you are it is never too late to adopt a healthier life style. Different medical complaints and illnesses can occur at different stages in life, therefore there is no excuse for not being more health aware whatever your age.

In general to achieve a healthier lifestyle you should eat a healthy balanced diet, avoid smoking, cover up in the sun, drink alcohol in moderation, take regular exercise, be aware of your body, ensure you always attend appointments for the national screening programs and never be afraid to visit your doctor if you are concerned about anything.

We at Home Health UK believe everyone should take an active role in leading a healthy lifestyle.
It is not only the person who is suffering from illness that needs to know about the condition, but also those caring for them. Due to the substantial increase in poor health over the past few years, one in four adults in the U.K. are now carers. Understanding an illness can help ease the pressures of day to day life for both family and friends of someone who is suffering from the illness.