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Drug Tests

Drug testing works for 3 major reasons:

Drug testing your child will discourage them from taking drugs and in turn this will protect them from illegal dangerous drug abuse.

If employers drug test their employee’s this will help decrease the amount of working days lost per year from drug abuse. The latest data estimates that around £800 million is lost per year because of drug abuse in the work place. – BBC 2004

Drug testing in schools will have a huge benefit to both the school and the child. Currently it is estimated that 1 in 5 children will have handled drugs and by the time they are 13 most children will have tried drugs. From that figure it is then said that 1 in 3 children will become regular users. – National Union of Teachers

We sell a number of different drug testing kits, covering all drugs of abuse such as Cannabis (THC, marjiuana), Cocaine (Crack) and Opiates (Heroin) to name but a few. We have six different formats of drug test kits consisting of Strips, Cassettes, Multi Panel’s, Integrated Cup Tests, Hair and Saliva swab testing kits all perfect for the home, workplace, rehabilitation and professional services. All of our drug tests are CE and FDA certified and all drug tests are simple to use and only involve taking a small sample of either urine, saliva or hair strands.

If you are interested in bulk supplies, then please visit our professional test pages by clicking here.

For details of our drug tests and drug testing kits, please view our product listing below. If the drug you wish to test for is not listed, then please contact us and let us know which drug you would like to test for, as we have only listed the most common drug tests.

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The amount of time drugs stay in your body depends on many factors such as, the amount of the drug taken, its strength, purity, your body weight and rate of metabolism and whether you are a casual user or a long term user.