One Step® 20 x 2.5mm Ultra Early 10mIU/ml Pregnancy Test Strips


These strip tests are at a sensitivity of 10miu and work to an accuracy level of 99%. They can be used up to 6 days earlier than a standard pregnancy test kit.

They are 2.5mm wide but are the same quality (just thinner) as our best selling NHS tests that are wider (3.5mm).

One Step® are the number one best selling online pregnancy test in Europe and the test foils are in 5 different languages – English, French, German, Italian & Spanish.

Firstly, if you are after any help or information related to pregnancy, ovulation, the menstrual cycle, antenatal care etc then the best way to find hundreds of pages directly related to these subjects is to go to this part of our web-site

Family Planning – Click Here

This link will open a new window in your browser that will take you to a page that lists many subjects including Abortion, Endometriosis, Fertility, Menopause, Miscarriage, PMS, PMT, Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS) and much, much more including a FREE Ovulation Calendar you can view and use, a fertility chart you can download and print for FREE and even a video clearly showing and describing the entire process of ovulation. Even our shipping is FREE to any UK destination. And all our packages are marked Private and Confidential with no indication of content.

We sell all the main brands of pregnancy tests including all those from Clearblue and First Response but we also sell our own complete range of pregnancy tests that are just as good at a fraction of the price of the main brands. Our own products are so good that we are very proud that though we are still a small family run Company we are now the number 1 supplier of pregnancy tests to the NHS.


Click Here – NHS Approved Pregnancy Tests

to open a new page in your browser that shows the main NHS Site that lists all the pregnancy tests that have been approved by the NHS for their own extensive use and you can check what we say for yourself 🙂
We also offer different types of pregnancy test (pee on a stick, pippette & cassette test and, the just as accurate, strip type test). Our ultra early 10mIU/ml pregnancy test strip is the preferred pregnancy test used in most A&E departments in hospitals throughout the UK – basically the lower the number, e.g. 10mIU vs the normal 25mIU, the earlier a pregnancy will be detected. The tests shown here are identical to the tests we sell to the NHS so you can be assured you are getting the best there is.

Our ovulation tests are exactly the same quality and you can buy both on this page. The following are some key links you may wish to view:-

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Pregnancy Calender detailing week by week information about how your pregnancy is developing
FREE Ovulation Calendar to print and view as often as you need

Pregnancy Test Strip Instructions click here.




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