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The Detox Guide – Filling time


Filling time

For many people using opiates is a ‘full-time job,’ and once they stop the endless rush of getting money together, scoring and using there are many unfilled hours in the day. It is important to find something to fill this time.

Things such as:

  • college courses;
  • meeting new people;
  • recontacting old friends;
  • repairing family relationships;
  • NA meetings;
  • hobbies;
  • voluntary work;
  • a job; and
  • exercise
  • can all help fill the gap and build up your confidence.

It can all seem strange especially if, for a period of time, you feel half way between one way of life and another. The best defence against using again is your pride in being clean and looking forward to the positive things that can follow your detox.