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Researching Health Information Online



The internet can be a minefield of contradicting health information, check out this article from The Guardian, by clicking here. It gives five tips to help you research health information online. In addition it gives ideas of how to present your findings.

Health Information

The internet can be a scary place. However, here at Home Health UK we aim to present you with relevant health information related to our wide range of tests and over the counter treatments. Click here to search for the topic you are interested in. We have a large range of health information conveniently split into groups for instance drugs and addiction, children’s health, senior’s health, family planning, men’s health and women’s health.

Tests and Treatments

In addition to our health information pages we stock a wide range of health tests and over the counter treatments. Above all, we want to you have all the information and tools to make good decisions about your health. Click here to see our range of health tests and here for over the counter remedies.

About Us

Home Health UK is committed to providing the highest quality of simple, reliable drug testing kits, pregnancy tests and health tests, which can be easily carried out in the home. Our tests available range from Allergy Tests, blood glucose meter to digital ovulation tests. Our range of drug testing kits are suitable for both home testing, professional, employer and workplace testing. There are also various other home testing products, such as, the clearblue pregnancy test, digital ovulation tests, male and female fertility tests, laboratory tests Food Intolerance, DNA Paternity and Hair Drug Analysis.

We also offer an ever-expanding range of medicines and remedies not available from other large online retailers, shipped to your door at a fraction of the cost of a high street chemist. Buy with confidence from a MHRA approved and GPhC registered pharmacy.