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Simple, accurate health tests for the home and the work place.

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Here you will find a number of product instructions in a number of different languages. Please click on the link below which is relevent to the product or products you have ordered.  Also we have placed links to our partner websites who would be more than happy to offer you the same product but shipped from within your local country.

We will not have every instruction set available for every product but we are always updating our list.

Ovulation Tests
AiDe – One Step Ovulation Test Strips – EN
AiDe – Ovulation Test Cassettes – EN
AiDe – Ovulation Tests Midstreams – EN

Pregnancy Tests
Nantong Egens – Pregnancy Test Strips – EN
Nantong Egens – Pregnancy Test Cassettes – EN
Nantong Egens – Pregnancy Tests Midstreams – EN

Blood Glucose Meter/Strips
SD Codefree Monitor Instructions – EN

Fertility / Menopause Tests

FSH Test Strips – EN
FSH Midstream Tests – EN

Male Fertility Tests

One Step Male Fertility Test – EN
Babystart Male Fertility Tests – EN

Urine Parameter Tests

Single (pH, Glucose, Protein & Ketone), 8 and 10 Parameter Tests – EN
UTI (Urine Tract Infection) Tests – EN
Ketone Tests – EN
Liver Tests – EN
Diabetes Tests – EN

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