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How do you use PERSONA?


How do you use PERSONA?

PERSONA is easy to use. Once your period has started, you simply press a button on the Monitor. PERSONA then uses coloured lights to inform you when you are free to make love without contraceptives or need to do a test to find out. Just check your Monitor each morning to see which light is shining.

You must press your ‘m’ Button at the start of each of your cycles. You do this by waiting for your period to begin and then pressing the ‘m’ Button at a time that is convenient for you to test your FIRST urine of the day.

Setting the ‘m’ Button

If you decide to use PERSONA then you need to be aware that the TIME you press the ‘m’ Button is very important. Therefore you should NOT press the ‘m’ Button until you have read the User Guide.

When should I press the ‘m’ Button?

Your ‘Testing Window’ is set to run from 3 hours before the time you press the ‘m’ Button to 3 hours after – a 6 hour Testing Window. You should perform the tests within this Testing Window using your first urine of the day. Your Testing Window should therefore be at a convenient time for you to test with the first urine of the day both on weekdays and at weekends.

Example: you press the ‘m ’ Button at 9 am, your Testing Window will be 3 hours either side of this time, ie from 6 am to 12 midday.

At the start of each cycle you can select a different time if you choose, but remember that you need to test with your first urine of the day.

More about the Testing Window

The Testing Window is set to run from 3 hours before the time you pressed the ‘m ‘ Button, to 3 hours after. The PERSONA Monitor will only request a test (by shining the Yellow Test Light) during the Testing Window, so you would have to check the Monitor during this time each morning to see if you need to do a test that day. After your first cycle of use you will only be asked to do 8 tests each cycle.

If you forget to check your PERSONA Monitor during the Testing Window you may miss a test without realising it, as the Yellow Test Light will only shine during the Testing Window. PERSONA will make a decision using the available information. This may result in more ‘Red’ Days for this and subsequent cycles.

The Monitor will always request the first test each cycle on day 6. The timing of the remaining 7 tests may be different from cycle to cycle depending on the information PERSONA has collected. However, they will always be requested on 7 consecutive days.

Shift Workers

If you are on night shift you should set the ‘m’ Button so that you can do tests using your first urine after sleeping. If, however, your shift changes during a cycle, you should collect a sample of your first urine of the day and check your Monitor within the established Testing Window.

How do I test with collected urine?

Occasionally you may need to test with collected urine when your first urine of the day is outside your Testing Window. You must ensure you collect your first urine of the day.

You should collect your urine in a clean, dry container, and store at room temperature until you are ready to test. If you need to store your urine for more than 12 hours it is advisable to miss the test.
When you are ready to test, dip just the absorbent Sampling End of a Test Stick (see diagram below) into the sample for 15 seconds (not 3 seconds).

Proceed as normal. Conduct your test within your Testing Window and whilst the continuous Yellow Test Light is still shining.

Always read the User Guide before using PERSONA for the first time. Do not press the ‘m’ Button until you have read the User Guide.