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Male Health


In this section of the site we have aimed to cover illnesses and problems we believe to be the most frequent in men.

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Men are less likely to visit their doctor or know about their bodies than women.

Most men only end up in a doctor’s office because they were forced to by partners or loved ones or because the stomach pain, backache became unbearable and wouldn’t go away. Most men will look after their car better than what they look after themselves. When did your car last have a check up and when did you?

Statistics show that men’s health has become a matter of serious concern especially when women are living longer than men.

Men usually believe they are less at risk to disease and injury than women. The male population are raised believing it’s a good thing to be tough. Men tend to hide feelings and put on a brave face – which often includes ignoring pain. Perhaps men feel that they can’t afford to be ill because of work pressures, money worries or even their family commitments. If they complain of any ailment or illness they often believe it is a sign of weakness.

There are 3 main types of cancer that can affect men only, and they are prostate, penile and testicular, all of which can be cured when caught in the early stages. Men should become aware of their bodies so any changes can be noticed quickly and advice given if needed. If you happen to find a lump it is most likely to be benign (non-canerous). A common lump in the skin is a sebaceous cyst, you can get this anywhere and is painless unless it becomes infected. Another common lump is a lipoma, which is filled with fat, this lump is again harmless and needs no surgery. If a lump appears at the top of the thigh or next to the scrotum this can be a hernia and if causing pain will need treating. However, some lumps can be cancerous so you should always visit your doctor for advice.

Good health depends greatly on our lifestyles, what we eat and how much exercise we get. A balanced diet is essential to good health and keeping cholesterol levels down. However, it is also very important to have regular check-ups either at your doctors or a well man clinic. Ask your doctor where your nearest well mans clinic is located.

A well mans clinic aims to increase the importance of male related health issues. The clinic will usually carry out tests for cholesterol, high blood pressure and monitor your weight. They also offer screening and support for more sensitive issues such as infertility, contraception and male only cancers.

All visits to a well mans clinic are treated with strictest confidence.