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Female Bladder Infection Treatment Page

Home Health are pleased to now be able to offer both a full doctor consultancy service to include a Private Prescription being issued, if appropriate, for just £10. For just a further £9.99 Home Health are delighted to be able to offer to fulfil the prescription and supply the medicines prescribed. The medicines prescribed will be despatched by Royal Mail 1st Class confirmed delivery meaning you can resolve the problem quickly and saves you time and expense. The full consultancy service is separate from the prescription fulfilment service and if following the consultancy you would prefer to fulfil the prescription at your local pharmacy you are welcome to do so but this assumes your chosen pharmacy holds the correct prescription medicine so usually you will have to drop in the prescription and then come back to pick up the prescription at a later time.

Home Health will have the medicine in stock and be able to ship via First Class Royal Mail confirmed delivery service for next day delivery and all for just an additional £9.99. More than this we will ensure that your medicine will fit through your letter-box so if you don’t have to stay in to receive the package. For a further £2 we even provide a guaranteed next day delivery service including Monday – Saturday that is fully tracked and will even tell you when it is out for delivery by your local post office!

The actual treatment you receive will be determined as a result of the consultation.