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Protected: Female Bladder Infection

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Female Bladder Infection


A female bladder infection can be a very uncomfortable experience. It is a common infection which affects about half of women at least once in their lifetime. It is also often called a UTI (urinary tract infection), a water infection or cystitis.

You have arrived at this page as you are interested in the treatment options available for Chlamydia. The treatments are available by providing a Private Prescription but this will require you to provide us information in order for the doctor to determine the best treatment option. Any prescription issued will be a fixed price of £10. The costs of dispensing, supplying and shipping the medicine from our pharmacy will depend on the medicine prescribed but will normally not cost more than £9.99 including shipping by Royal Mail First Class confirmed delivery.

This link will take you pages that will give you a great deal of information about Chlamydia and other sexually transmitted diseases such as Syphilis and Gonorrhoea.

This link will take you to the various diagnostic tests that are available from Home Health to determine a diagnosis.

This link will take you to the treatment options that are likely to be prescribed. If, for any reason, you think one or more of the treatments are unsuitable please advise this to us when given the opportunity to do so in the Consultation/prescription option.

This link will take you to our Consultation and prescription service specifically for the treatment for Chlamydia or suspected Chlamydia. If you would like a Consultation/Prescription for something other than Chlamydia. If a prescription is issued you will be charged a fee of £10