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i-GP service description

Step 1 – Watch the Explainer Video

We understand that sometimes you may need treatment for a simple condition, but are unable to see your own GP. This is why we created i-GP to provide high-quality, affordable care to fit around you.

Meet Ava, she has a job interview and needs fast and trusted medical advice.

Step 2 – Register

Complete the quick and easy online registration. We are committed to keeping all your information confidential and secure.

Step 3 – Start a Diagnosis

Complete your online assessment from over 25 common conditions for just £10.

If we are unable to treat you, then there is no charge and you are offered free advice.

We ask for all the information needed for the GP to safely diagnose and treat you.

Step 4 – Collect your Treatment

Pick up and pay for your medication from your chosen pharmacy, which could even be in as little as one hour. As we issue private prescriptions, your medicine may often cost less than an NHS prescription charge.

If a prescription is issued you will be charged a fee of £10.

This service is provided by i-GP, for more information about i-GP please click here.