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Social Responsibility

Home Health (UK) Ltd are dedicated to becoming a more sustainable and ethical business. We are always looking for ways we can improve our business model to continue to offer a high level of service and excellent variety and quality of products for our customers, whilst also minimising any negative impact on the environment. We are also passionate about creating a welcoming, inclusive and rewarding working environment for our dedicated staff and have developed a series of progressive policies that go above and beyond what is legally required.

To aid us in achieving these goals, we regularly review our policies below to ensure they meet or exceed all relevant legislation and are always open to suggestions on how we can do better.

Environmental Management Policy

Carbon Reduction Plan

Home Health Anti-slavery Statement

Anti-Bribery & Anti-Corruption Policy

Quality Policy
As part of our Quality Policy, we regularly monitor all customer feedback on all platforms and seek to rectify any issues that arise. We know how important the tests we sell are and we ensure we only ever offer accurate and reliable products to our customers. We personally QC check every product before taking on a new line and for our most critical lines (drug of abuse tests, blood glucose monitors, urinalysis tests, cancer marker tests, pregnancy tests, and ovulation tests) we QC check every single batch that arrives into us before it is allowed to be sent to customers. In addition to our own checks, we also subscribe to a variety of NEQAS and WEQAS testing schemes where our tests are blind checked against positive and negative samples on a regular basis.

Supporting the Local Community

We are always looking at ways we can give back to our local community and in 2020 our managing director was awarded the Hero of Hertfordshire award in recognition of donations we made to local charities, hospitals, hospices and care homes during the COVID pandemic. In 2022, we were honoured to be invited to attend the Queen’s Garden Party in recognition of our continued contributions to local causes.

Working for Home Health

(Staff Handbook)
We are very lucky to have such a dedicated and hard-working team and we want to make sure that every person feels valued. There are various benefits of working for Home Health, (full details of our policies can be found in our staff handbook), but some key highlights include:

living wage logo


Home Health UK are proud to be an accredited Living Wage employer and are committed to paying a Living Wage, as set by the Living Wage Foundation for all UK employees. Salary is reviewed on a bi-annual basis, with raises granted based on performance and taking into account inflation.



Hours of work and flexible working

The standard working week at Home Health UK is 40 hours, worked Monday to Friday between the hours of 7am and 5pm, but with an early finish for all staff on Fridays. Where possible we also offer part time working and other flexible arrangements. We recognize the importance of rest and recovery during the working day and so the 40 hours per week includes paid breaks of 4 hours and 45 minutes (1 hour per day Monday-Thursday but 45 minutes on Fridays due to the early finish).

However, we do not offer zero hour contracts to make sure that everyone that works for us has guaranteed working hours and income every week.

Annual holidays

Our staff work incredibly hard and so it is important that they take time away from work for themselves. All employees are entitled to 25 days per annum, plus the public holidays (pro rata for part-time and fixed-term employees). All staff are encouraged to take their annual allowance but we also allow them to carry over up to 5 days per year to give more flexibility and to avoid them losing any holiday.

Sick pay

No staff member should feel compelled to come to work when they are unwell, so Home Health UK offers enhanced sick pay for all staff, where everyone is paid in full for a minimum of 2 weeks’ sickness absence per annum. This allows them to rest and focus on looking after themselves without any fear of financial penalty.


In the past few years we have introduced both a cycle to work scheme and an electric car scheme, allowing staff to save money whilst also reducing their carbon footprint.

Menopause and Menstruation Policies

We want to make sure our whole team feels supported and understood. We encourage all staff to be understanding of any staff member that is suffering and will do our best to support said staff in any way we can. We want to break down the stigma around menopause and menstruation and always make sure we are stocked with sanitary towels, pain relief and heating and cooling pads for staff to use. 70% of our staff are women and we have made sure that everyone has a dedicated female manager they can discuss any issues with.

Mental Health and Wellbeing

We take mental health very seriously and are committed to promoting a healthy and supportive workplace. We have 5 members of staff trained in basic Mental Health First Aid to be able to support and offer basic advice. We have also partnered with Head to Toe Harmony to offer all staff the opportunity to receive a 20-minute wellness treatment each month. Staff can choose between a variety of massages or reflexology.

Family friendly Policies

Maternity pay

Employees with more than 2 years’ service are entitled to enhanced maternity pay. Full details are set out in our Maternity Leave policy. All employees, regardless of the length of their employment, are entitled to 52 weeks’ statutory maternity leave.

Enhanced adoption pay

Employees with more than 2 years’ service are entitled to enhanced adoption pay. Full details are set out in our Adoption Leave policy.