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A-Z of Drugs


Published on 21st November 2017

What is Aspirin?  Aspirin or acetylsalicylic acid as its generic name is a common medicine that has many uses. The active ingredient in aspirin, acetylsalicylic acid, is a derivative of salicin, which occurs naturally in the bark and leaves of trees such as the willow tree. Aspirin in various forms has been in use since […]

Ibuprofen Painkiller

Published on 10th October 2017

What is Ibuprofen Ibuprofen is a commonly used painkiller which comes from a group of drugs called NSAIDs (Non-Steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs). Another drug commonly found in this group is aspirin. Ibuprofen can be used to ease mild to moderate pain, for example if you have any dental pain, back pain, headaches or period pains. Ibuprofen […]

Methedrome is also known as Mephedrone and Mephedrome

Published on 12th December 2015

Methedrome Methedrome is also known as Mephedrone,  Mephedrome, 4-Methylmethcathinone, 4-MMC, MMCAT, MEOW, MCAT, MEAOW, Bubbles and Plant Feeder. It is most commonly known on the street as ‘bubble’, other names for the drug are “drone” and “meow meow”. Mephedrone which can be bought over the internet is most commonly sold as a white powder (costing […]

Alcohol Information

Published on 29th July 2015

What is alcohol? Alcohol is found in drinks such as beer, lager, cider, wine, alco pops and spirits (whisky, vodka, gin, rum). All alcoholic drinks contain ethanol (pure alcohol). The strength, colour and taste of alcoholic drinks depend upon the amount of ethanol and the ingredients used, for example grapes, hops or grains. Alcohol has […]

EDDP – Metabolite of Methadone

Published on 28th July 2015

EDDP is the most important metabolite of methadone. It is excreted in the bile and urine together with the other metabolite EMPD. EDDP is formed by N-demthylation and cyclisation of methadone in the liver. The part of the unchanged excreted methadone is variable and depends on the urine’s pH value, dose, and the patient’s metabolism. […]

Drug Classification

Published on 28th July 2015

The 1971 Act (amended through the Criminal justice 2003 Act, which came into effect in 2004) divides drugs into three classes depending on the degree of harm deemed attributable to each drug. In turn the maximum penalties for being convicted of an offence under the Act are fixed according to the class of drug. The […]


Published on 15th May 2015

What is Subutex? Subutex or buprenorphine, which is its trade name, is one of a number of synthetic opiates that are manufactured for medical use and have similar effects to heroin and morphine. Subutex is mainly used today as a substitute for heroin, in an attempt to relieve some of the problems associated with heroin […]


Published on 15th May 2015

The most commonly used stimulants are amphetamines and cocaine. Cocaine is derived from the leaf of the coca plant (Erythroxylum Coca) and amphetamines are manufactured both legally and illegally. Most recently, the recreational use of Ecstasy has become common, particularly among young people who follow the club scene. Drugs include: Drug name Street name Amphetamine sulphate Speed Cocaine […]

Professional Drug Information

Published on 15th May 2015

Providing information on specific drugs and how they are used. This list is designed to benefit professionals who work with drug users and would like more information on the non-therapeutic use of drugs. There are seven sub-sections, corresponding to the seven major drug groups: For each sub-section the main drugs are listed and hyper linked […]

Over-the counter (OTC) medicines

Published on 15th May 2015

Description There are many medicines that can be bought without prescription (OTC) and have potential for abuse. These mood-altering preparations fall into three categories corresponding to their similarity to either opiates, stimulants or sedatives. Only the most commonly used are mentioned here. Opiate type These OTC medicines contain opiate-like substances. They are designed to suppress the coughing reflex. Some […]

Miscellaneous Substances

Published on 15th May 2015

Other drugs   Amiltriptyline This is a tricyclic anti-depressant with sedative properties and is used for the treatment of depression with associated anxiety. It is prescribed both as a generic medicine and under the brand names Lentizol (Park Davies), Triptafen (Farley), Triptifen M (A and H) and Tryptizol (Morson). It is available in tablet and capsule […]

Drug Testing Information

Published on 14th May 2015

Watch the effects of Cannabis Drugs are everywhere around us and most parents worry about their child becoming involved with drugs. Parents often feel they don’t know enough about drugs to help prevent their child from coming to harm. In this section of our site, there are basic details on the most commonly used drugs […]

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