Postal Pack Elisa Food Intolerance/Allergy Home Test Kit-90 Foods Tested


The 90 foods being tested cover all the main foods much as meat, dairy, fish, nuts, fruits, vegetables, tea, coffee etc. Your report will detail the level of severity and what you need to avoid in order to try and reduce the intolerance.

Elisa 90 Food Intolerance Laboratory Test – POSTAL PACK

  • Easy to use at home test from a finger prick blood sample.
  • Tests for 90 different food intolerance’s.
  • Suitable to test children under parental supervision.
  • Full laboratory analysis provided.
  • Complete pack supplied including postage paid return package.

There will be an additional charge of £70.00 to complete the test.


Elisa Postal Pack 90 Food Intolerance Test

This Food Intolerance test has been especially formulated for home use. You will be provided with everything you need to carry out the test including full instructions.

There is an additional fee of ONLY £70.00 to pay when the samples are returned to us. Payment can be made by Bank Transfer, Credit/Debit Card, Paypal, Cheque or Postal Order. This will be fully explained within the instructions that you will be sent as part of the postal pack.

This Food Intolerance test has been especially formulated for home use. You will be provided with everything you need to carry out the test including full instructions – there will be no additional charges whatsoever.

This Elisa food intolerance test offers a greater number of foodstuffs up to 90 in total listed below:


Albumen Corn Peanut
Almond Cow’s milk Pear
Anchovy Crustaceans mix Pepper
Apple Cucumber Pineapple
Apricot Eggplant Plum
Artichoke French bean Pork
Asparagus Garlic Potato
Baking powder Grapefruit Pumpkin
Banana Grapes Rabbit
Barley Hake Rice
Bean Hazelnut Rye
Beef Honey Salmon
Berries mix Kiwi Sheep’s milk
Brewer’s yeast Kola nut Sole
Broccoli Lamb Soy
Cabbage Lemon Spinach
Carrot Lentil Strawberry
Cauliflower Malt Sugar cane
Celery Mandarin Sunflower
Cephalopods mix Marjoram Sweet pepper
Chard Melon Tea
Cherry Mushrooms mix Tomato
Chicken Mustard Trout
Chickpea Oats Tuna
Cinnamon Olive Turkey
Clam Onion Walnut
Cocoa Orange Watermelon
Coconut Parsely Wheat
Cod Pea Yogurt
Coffee Peach Yolk

*Please note that the pre-paid envelope is only supplied to UK customers. If you are located outside the UK you will need to pay to return the pack to us.

A full detailed report will be sent to you approximately 5-7 business days after receipt of your blood sample. The foods causing an intolerance will be identified at three different degrees of intolerance (low or 1st degree, medium or 2nd degree, severe or 3rd degree). A typical result would be to identify the food that causes the problem and then advise what action should be taken. For example a severe or 3rd degree level of intolerance it would be recommended that you do not eat that food for three months and then to slowly re-introduce that food eating it just once in each of the next 2 weeks of the fourth month and then once a week for the fifth month and by the 6 month you should be able to eat that food item normally. The 64 foods tested cover all the main foods covering meat, dairy, fish, nuts, fruits, vegetables,tea, coffee etc.

Is this test suitable for everyone?
It is advised that you shouldn’t take the test if any of the following apply:

  1. When there’s an alteration of the immune system, due to a disease: autoimmune diseases, immunodeficiencies, Acute Infections, cancers, or due to a therapy: steroid therapies or anti-rejection therapies.
  2. If you are taking medications having a direct effect on the immunological system (cortisone, steroids, antibiotics, anaesthetics , lithium, lead, growth factors, etc.) and if under vaccines treatment.
  3. Children under 36 months of age shouldn’t perform the test.
  4. People suffering from evident eating disorders: anorexia or bulimia shouldn’t perform the test.

Furthermore, since Intolerance is dose-related, it is recommended, in the days before the examination, not to change the normal diet habit as it could be detected intolerance to a specific food and / or additive due to the excessive consumption of such food which is only occasionally eaten.

The test procedure is very simple – just use the included lancet to take a finger prick blood sample and add this to the special absorbent pad. You then return the sample with your completed questionnaire and payment form to us in the pre-paid envelope*.

Please note that the blood sample will remain viable for testing for approximately 12-14 days so please send the sample back to us as soon as possible after it is obtained.

For overseas customers, please ensure you send the sample back using an expedited service so that we receive it within a maximum of 7 days of the sample being obtained. Once received, your sample is then analysed by a specialist laboratory in Switzerland that will identify those foods that react and cause an intolerance.

For full instructions on how to use these tests click here.

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