Postal DNA Paternity Laboratory Collection Kit


We provide everything you need to easily and simply determine paternity (who is the father of the child).

There is an additional fee of ONLY £60.00 to pay when the samples are returned to us. Payment can be made by either Cheque, Credit/Debit Card, Paypal or Postal Order – Please make cheques and Postal Orders payable to Home Health UK Ltd.


Product Description

What is included in this price?

We send you the pack with instructions and a fully reply paid, padded and addressed envelope*. There is an additional fee of ONLY £60.00 to pay when the samples are returned to us. Payment can be made by Bank Transfer, Credit/Debit Card, Paypal, Cheque or Postal Order – Please make cheques and Postal Orders payable to Home Health UK Ltd.

Using the swabs provided take the saliva samples, pop them into the envelope and post along with the completed payment and consent forms and pop into a post box.

* Please note that the pre-paid envelope is only supplied to UK customers. If you are located outside the UK you will need to pay to return the pack.

What is a DNA Paternity Test?

DNA is the genetic material that makes up each cell of the human body. It is also hereditary material made up from the DNA from the mother and the father. Every person has a unique DNA structure but because the DNA is inherited from the mother and father it is possible to analyze the DNA in such a way that the true biological mother and father can be determined.

How accurate is the DNA Paternity test?

The lab that we use are the only DNA lab to achieve 16 perfect ratings in quality inspections by accreditation bodies. They have more DNA accreditations (including the international ISO/IEC 17025 standard) than any other testing laboratory and they run additional testing on each and every sample to provide a result 500 times more accurate than the industry standard. They guarantee 100% accurate results through their unique Dual Process coupled with the most extensive DNA Testing capabilities in the industry.

What DNA samples are required?

We provide the sample soft swabs and all you need do is rub the swab inside the mouth in the cheek area from the father and child to collect sufficient cells for the analysis and send them off in the enclosed prepaid envelope.


What if I want to test completely discreetly so the child doesn’t know?

This listing and the price assumes you will be collecting the preferred mouth swab DNA sample from both the father and child.

If it is going to be difficult to discreetly obtain a sample using a swab inside the mouth from the child then we can accept other forms of DNA samples. The best would be a minimum of 6 hair samples but they MUST all include the complete root follicle. The following would also be acceptable:-

  • Toothbrush
  • Cotton bud (used to clean the ear)

These other methods are not as reliable as the mouth swabs but if you want to test completely discreetly please email us at




and we will advise the prices and options.


How long before I get the results?

Any 2 humans will have over 99% DNA that is identical but the other 1% will be the difference. It takes a lot of computer time to analyse that 1% and ensure that the result is 100% accurate and that the answer is 100% correct. It is a bit like trying to find 16 needles in one haystack and finding the same 16 needles in another haystack!! All results should be available within 10-15 business days from when we receive your samples.

How will I receive my results?

As soon as your swabs are received by the lab, you will be provided with a unique case number and password. You can then login to your own personal portal to view the progress of your test. Once the analysis has been completed, you will be able to download the PDF of the detailed results form. If you have any queries or concerns at any point you can contact us via email or phone and we will be happy to help.


Is this DNA test legally admissible?

No this test is strictly for “peace of mind” purposes. If you require a legally admissible DNA paternity test then please contact us for guidance.


Do I need the mother’s permission for this DNA test?

No, not if you are carrying out this test for your own “peace of mind” and you have parental responsibility for the child. However, if you require the DNA paternity test for a court action, immigration purposes or to amend a birth certificate please contact us as above as this will require the mother’s consent and you will require a special court approved test.


What if I live outside the UK?

No problem – just return the samples back to us using your local Air Mail service to the address on the return package enclosed and the results can be posted or emailed to you. The samples will be fully usable for several months.


What about a maternity or sibling test?

It is very rare that a maternity (who is the mother) or sibling (brother/sister) is required. If you are interested in these tests please contact us at the email address given above.


What if I have any questions?

Just email us at the address given above and we will answer your questions within 24 hours.

You may contact us by email: dna@homehealth-uk.com or call one of our Customer Service Advisors on 01923 711 511.


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