One Step® Bowel Fob Rapid Test


  • Indicates the presence of Faecal Occult Blood
  • Fully CE approved for self testing
  • Provides simple positive or negative results
  • Detect Faecal Occult Blood at 50ng/ml or higher
  • Read results within 5 minutes

Product Description

Product Description

FOB Rapid Test Cassette detects human blood in faeces. The amount of blood increases as colon cancer, ulcers, polyps, colitis, diverticulitis, and fissures progresses.
Many diseases can cause hidden blood in the faeces. This is also known as Faecal Occult Blood (FOB), Human Occult Blood, or Human Haemoglobin. In the early stages, gastrointestinal problems such as colon cancer, ulcers, polyps, colitis, diverticulitis, and fissures may not show any visible symptoms, only occult blood. Traditional guaiac-based methods lack sensitivity and specificity, and also have diet restrictions prior to testing.

Testing Procedure
Full instructions are included with the test which you should read through before using the test. Here is a quick illustrated guide:

What do I get in this pack?
You will receive:
1 x Specimen collection tubes with extraction buffer
1 x Test Cassettes
1 x Stool Catcher
1 x Package insert


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