Lancing Device and 10 FREE Sterile Lancets for Blood Test/Testing Kits



Product Description

What will I receive?

You will get a Lancing Device designed to obtain a small blood sample. You will also receive 10 FREE lancets to use with the lancing device.

For more information on diabetes click here.

Why do you need to know if I am a diabetic?

Diabetics do not have to pay VAT but unfortunately most pharmacies and retailers will require you to pay the full price including VAT and will leave you to fill out a long form to claim the VAT back. If you buy from us, all you need to do is to confirm you are a diabetic from the drop down menu and you will be charged the price excluding VAT.

Additional Information

Do you have a disability?

NO, YES – I have a disability related to this product


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For full instructions one how to use these tests click here.

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