40 x One Step® Pregnancy Midstream Test Kits – 10mIU/mL Sensitivity


These pregnancy tests are highly sensitivity 10mIU/ml test that are very easy to use. No need for collecting the urine in a pot just pee on the stick replace the cap and check the result.

For more information about trying to get pregnant click here.

These tests are exactly the same ones that we supply to the NHS.

40 x Test Pack

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Product Description

How to use this test

  1. Remove the midstream test from the foil pouch.
  2. Remove the Cap.
  3. Hold the midstream test by the handle with the exposed Tip pointing downward, directly into your urine stream for at least 10 seconds until it is thoroughly wet. Note: Do not urinate on the Test and Control window. For best results, urinate into a clean and dry container, then dip only the Tip of the midstream test into the urine for at least 10 seconds.
  4. After removing the midstream test from your urine, immediately replace the Cap over the Tip, lay the midstream test on a flat surface with the Test and Control window facing upwards, and then begin timing.
  5. As the test begins to work, you may notice a light red flow moving across the Test and Control window. Wait at least 5 minutes for the red line(s) to appear. If no red line appears, wait one minute longer. Some positive results may be observed in 1 minute or less depending on the concentration of hCG.

How to Read the Results

PREGNANT – Positive
The presence of two red lines in the test (T) and control (C) window, one red line next to the (T) and one red line next to the (C) window, means you are probably pregnant. One line may be lighter than the other, they do not have to match.


The presence of just one red line next to the control (C) window means you are probably not pregnant

The result is invalid if no red line appears in either the test (T) and control (C) window, or there is no red line next to the control (C) window as shown. You should repeat the test with a new midstream test.


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For full instructions on how to use these tests click here.