15 x Vaginal Bacterial Thrush Tests & 1 x Balance Activ Gel (7 Pk) – Restores pH

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Why do I need this?

Dual action Balance Activ™ Vaginal Gel contains lactic acid, which immediately neutralises the embarrassing odour by restoring the normal pH of the vagina. It also contains glycogen, which provides nutrients for lactic acid bacteria.

  • Embarrassing Vaginal Odour?
  • Abnormal Discharge?
  • Discomfort?
For more information about vaginosis(vaginal pH)
click here. For more information about Balance Activ click here. EcoCare By measuring the pH value just above the vaginal opening, other disturbances of the vaginal balance can easily be detec­ted. If the woman herself, even if she is not pregnant, regularly inspects vaginal acidity using EcoCare™ ph-cotton sticks, early stage infection or vaginal milieu imbalances can be identified and specifically treated. Product features:
  • Maintain vaginal health during pregnancy and decrease the risk of premature birth
  • General early detection of disturbances of the vaginal flora
  • Through regular self-testing of the vaginal pH value, expectant mothers can reduce this risk
  • Diagnose bacterial vaginosis, trichomoniasis and fungal infection

For Treatment options click here.

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