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Addiction News

Have a look at this addiction news article published earlier this year in The Guardian, click here to see the full article. “From sex to sugar to social media, people are in the grip of a wider range of compulsive behaviours. But what is driving them – and what can be done?” A very interesting […]

Opioid addiction

Anyone who takes opioids legally or illegally is at risk of developing opioid addiction. Opioids trigger the release of endorphins making you feel extreme pleasure. When the drug wears off you may find you want those good feelings back. Opioid addiction in the USA is at crisis levels, Donald Trump has called the problem a […]

One Step Zopiclone (Insomnia Urine Drug Testing Strips

Features and Benefits:

  • This test is simple, fast, reliable and accurate test which detects for the presence of Zopiclone in urine.
  • Test Sensitivity is 50 ng/mL
  • Read results at 5 minutes

All tests are CE Marked with an accuracy level of 99%.

Blue-green algae poses danger to pets

Owners urged to take care near waterways as climate crisis leads to more toxic blooms as blue-green algae poses danger to pets, check out this article from The Guardian, by clicking here. It gives details about how to protect your pet from blue-green algae poses danger to pets. Pet Health Information The internet can be […]

Why red wine could be good for your gut

Red wine could be good for the gut, increasing the number of different types of bacteria that live there. However, it must be in moderation. Check out the article from the BBC by clicking here. It looks at why, in moderation red wine could be good for your gut. Health Information Here at Home Health […]

Tracking Menstrual Cycles Helps Women in Sport

In July the US football team won the world cup. The BBC news website has examined their victory and feels that the victory was partly down to tracking of each player’s menstrual cycle. With tracking menstrual cycle adapting individual training loads and diets was able to help improve on field performance. Check out the article […]

Researching Health Information Online

The internet can be a minefield of contradicting health information, check out this article from The Guardian, by clicking here. It gives five tips to help you research health information online. In addition it gives ideas of how to present your findings. Health Information The internet can be a scary place. However, here at Home […]

The Retirement Home for Elderly Pets

For a little light Thursday relief have a look at this video from the BBC about The Retirement Home for Elderly Pets in Japan. When pets get old and need intensive care, few places will take them in. In Tokyo, a growing number of pet homes have opened to give elderly and sick pets the […]

An optimistic outlook means you live longer

According to the BBC news website scientists in the US have discovered an interesting fact about ageing. Having a more optimistic outlook you live longer. Positive people were more likely to live to the age of 85 or more. The theory is that optimists may find it easier to control emotions and so be protected […]

insect based food better for pets than steak

According to the BBC news website, insect based food is better for your beloved pet and fresh stake. Click here to read more. The British Veterinary Association say that there is “a really exciting future for the use of insect protein for pets.” Insect based pet food also has the added environmental benefits that come […]

The Risks of Taking Drugs

The Risks of Taking Drugs. This health information page discusses the risks of taking drugs and why do young people take drugs. Why do young people take drugs? Most parents do not understand why children might want to take drugs and question themselves. They usually believe that because their child is using drugs or tried […]

20 x 10 in 1 Drug Testing Kits Urine Panel Tests One Step

These tests are simple, fast reliable and accurate tests which detect for the presence of drugs of abuse in urine. This drug cassette will test your urine for the following drugs:

All tests are CE Marked, with an accuracy level of 99%.

For information about drugs of abuse and addiction click here.