TestPoint Male Fertility Test Packs

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Test-Point Male Fertility Test

The Test-Point Pack is suitable for you to do at home and measures the levels of Fertility in men.

There are 2 tests included in this pack.

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Product Description

Why do I need this test?

The male must produce a sufficient number of normal, actively moving sperm in order to achieve conception and according to the World Health Organisation a man needs 20 million sperm per mL to be considered fertile. The Test-Point Test Kit will tell you whether the sperm concentration in the test sample is below 20 million/mL motile sperm (negative test) or above 20 million/mL motile sperm (positive test). A positive result is going to be good news although it’s not proof of fertility. A negative result is not all bad news because it saves you months of trying to have a baby – in this case we suggest you get along to the doctor for professional help and advice.

This test can help to identify the potential of male fertility in the privacy of your home.

Test Point Male Fertility Test- 2 Test Pack

The Test-Point Kit allows you to determine if a sperm sample has normal or less than normal activity. Normal activity is associated with a better chance for pregnancy.

Warnings and precautions

  • Store kit away from children.
  • The blue colour dye is not for human consumption and is toxic if swallowed.
  • The blue colour dye is a skin, eye and respiratory track irritant.
  • Read carefully all the information in this pamphlet before performing the test. First make sure you are familiar with the test.
  • Avoid all contact with the tip of the colour dye bottle to minimize the risk of contaminating the dye.

Storage and use

The Test-Point Kit must be stored at 2-30°C in the closed box. Opening the colour dye bottle will not restrict the shelf life of the dye as long as all contact between the tip of the bottle or the dye is avoided.
The test must be performed at room temperature (20-30°C). When the test is performed in a very cold room the temperature of the water in the cup will decrease too quickly, which might render false negative test results. The test tubes and funnels can only be used once, discard after use and use a fresh set for the second test.

Instructions for use

The dye in the reagent bottle should be dark blue, similar to the colour marked “Control” on the colour chart. If the dye is clear or pink it is defective and the kit should be returned. If the colour is normal continue with step 2.


Unwrap one test tube and one funnel. Remove the blue cap from the test tube and screw the funnel on in its place. Do not dispose of the blue cap because you will need it later in the test. Ejaculate by masturbation into the funnel. Place the test tube with the attached funnel in the holder opening of the box.


Wait 30 minutes for the sperm sample to turn liquid and to drain through the funnel into the test tube. Unscrew the funnel and discard it in the rubbish bin.

male ferility test

Lift the test tube from the holder and note which number on the test tube is closest to the top of the sperm sample. If the top is half way or more between two numbers note the higher one. This is the number of drops of the dye that you will be adding to the sperm sample (IF THE TOP OF THE SPERM SAMPLE IS BELOW THE NUMBER 1 – WHICH IS ETCHED ON THE CONICAL PART OF THE TEST TUBE – THE SAMPLE IS TOO SMALL TO PRODUCE AN ACCURATE TEST). Invert the reagent bottle over the top of the test tube and gently squeeze out the correct number of drops of the dye onto the sperm sample. Screw the blue cap back on the test tube and shake sufficiently to mix the test liquid and the sperm sample. The sample should now appear blue or purple. Place the test tube temporarily in the test tube holder of the box.


Run hot tap water until it is just too hot to touch. Quickly fill the plastic cup approximately to the “175” mark with the hot (NOT BOILING) water. If the water is at the correct temperature the word TEST will appear clearly on the thermometer strip in the cup. An arrow pointing up will appear if the water is too hot. Wait a few minutes until the word TEST appears. An arrow pointing down will appear if the water is not hot enough. Discard some of the water and add hot water. When the strip says TEST, snap the plastic cap on the cup and insert the test tube through the cap and into the water. The bottom of the test tube should touch the bottom of the cup. Write down the time and place the cup in its holder. (Note that the word TEST will be visible for only a short time after the test tube is inserted and it will be replaced by the arrow pointing down. There is no need to add hot water to maintain the temperature). Keep the cup away from open windows or air conditioners. It is helpful to practice this step even before collecting a sperm sample.


Exactly sixty (60) minutes later remove the test tube from the cup, dry the outside with a towel or tissue and shake the test tube vigorously 4 or 5 times. This should evenly distribute the colour throughout the sperm sample.


Using the white portion of the colour chart as a background compare the colour of the sperm sample with the colour chart. Hold the test tube and the colour chart 7 to 10 cm (3 to 4 inches) from an incandescent (NOT FLUORESCENT) light. Move the test tube along the row of colours until you come to the best match even though it may not be perfect. Note whether the best match is in the Positive (+) group (normal fertility potential) or Negative (-) group (less than normal fertility potential). IT IS VERY IMPORTANT NOT TO HAVE ANY FLUORESCENT LIGHTS ON DURING THE READING OF THE TEST RESULTS.

Because the expected colour change of the test is from dark blue to red and pink, a person with colour blindness for the colour red should not perform the interpretation of the results.
If the colour match is in the Positive group there is an 86% chance that sperm activity is normal (20 million or more active sperm per millilitre of fluid) and fertility potential is good. This does not guarantee that a pregnancy will occur because many factors, both male and female, affect fertility. If a pregnancy does not occur in 4 months a physician should be consulted.
If the colour match is in the Negative group there is an 86% chance that the sperm activity is below normal (less than 20 million active sperm per millilitre of fluid). Pregnancy is less likely but certainly not impossible. A doctor should be consulted.

Questions and answers

Q Why does the kit contain material for two tests?
A Sperm quality can vary from one sperm sample to the next in the same individual, depending on activity, diet, environment and unknown factors. Thus the result of the first test should be compared to that of a second test performed after an interval of at least one week. In most instances the two tests will be the same. If they differ it is best to obtain an evaluation of the semen in a medical laboratory.

Q How long should I abstain prior to the test?
A Avoid ejaculation for at least three days but not more than ten days before the day of the test.

Q Thirty minutes after ejaculation the majority of the specimen is still on the funnel and it has not entered the test tube. Should I wait longer?
A Yes. Wait another 10 minutes. If, at that time, the sperm sample is still on the funnel the test should be cancelled. Consult your physician. On the other hand it is normal to have a small amount of specimen remaining on the funnel. This does not interfere with the test.

Q The top of my specimen was closest to the number 2. By mistake I added 4 drops of test liquid instead of 2 drops. Should I continue the test?
A No. The result may not be valid. Discard this test and three days later do another one, using the second set of test material.

Q What can cause a low sperm count or poor sperm movement?
A. Excessive heat, for example from use of hot tubs or from fevers, can depress sperm quantity and quality. High fevers may have a negative influence on the test results for up to 3 months after the illness. Illicit drugs, heavy alcohol use and cigarette smoking can all depress sperm counts or sperm movement. Sperm also can be affected adversely by a number of medications. There are many conditions that can cause low sperm quality and commonly these can be cured. If the condition can not be cured, techniques of artificial reproduction can still be successfully applied in the majority of cases.

Q Can I collect the sperm sample in a condom?
A No. The usual condoms contain a chemical that kills sperm. There are non-medicated sheaths that can be used. Ask your physician where they can be obtained. Do not collect the sperm sample by withdrawal at intercourse because the first part of the ejaculate that contains the best sperm may be lost.

Q My sperm sample did not reach the 1 mark on the test tube. What can I do?
A Try once more with a longer period (10 days) of abstinence. This may allow for building up the volume of the sperm sample. If after the second try, the sperm sample still does not reach to 1 mark, consult a physician for further investigation.

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