25 x Ketone Urine Test Strips – Keto-Slim – Health Mate®

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  • 25 Test strips
  • Test the detection of Ketones (ketosis) in urine
  • Try to keep your ketosis level in the moderate/large range for your successful diet

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Product Description

The Keto- slim stick is to detect Semi-quantitative Ketosis level in a person’s random urine sample. It is for Low-Carb Diets to find out how your diet is working by checking amount of fat you are burning.


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  1. Take a strip out of the bottle and replace the cap immediately and close it tightly
  2. Collect fresh urine in a clean dry container and dip the test strip into the urine
  3. Wipe off excess urine on an absorbent paper
  4. Read the test results carefully at 30 seconds with colour chart